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Do you want this LumiSpa but very hesitant to purchase because its out of your budget?? Let me help u with that..

$5/Php250 per slot.. u may choose from #1 to #75.. raffle via fb live.. the last # to be drawn will be the grand prize!! We have consolation prize also.

25th ball – AP24 Whitening toothpaste
50th ball – AP24 Whitening toothpaste
74th ball – Skin Care (Lufra, Epoch Baobab & Body Bar)
75th ball – LumiSpa Set (with your choice of cleanser) 🎉🎉🎉

Open to all. Just convert to $5 if outside of US and Phippines. Free shipping.

Mode of payment:gcash/paypal/bank-bank/meetup
No pay no win!

Nu Skin Body Bar Personal Review

I believe beautification is not magic 😂. It takes time but look at the difference. I just try to use the NU Skin Body bar on my face. I’ve been using it for 5 days but the changes were noticeable already. It also makes your skin moisturized but not sticky.

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The view the results (before and after) of the each product, please visit my fb page : https://www.facebook.com/pg/GlamifiedByEnna/posts/

Spoon 🥄

Hello, September 😍 Super cool trivia from my partnered company. ❤️ Super amazed of how humble this company is. 🙌🏻

💡Did you know that the founders of Nu Skin started selling their first moisturizer by scooping it using a teaspoon and putting it in jars brought by their first customers to their apartment?

And now Nu Skin has its own Labs and facilities with 75 in house scientists. It’s operating in 54 countries and been in the business for 36 years. 🥰

Nu Skin

❤️Dream Big
❤️Work Hard
❤️Stay focused
❤️Surround yourself with good people
❤️And never give up.
🎉 Success is just a spoonful away!!!

Online Expo Promo

I am so excited this coming Sept 11. We will have again a promo for this month. We call it Online Expo Promo where customers can get really huge discount on Nu Skin products. I wanna share it here!

This promo is only available in Philippines 🇵🇭. Free shipping 🚚 also anywhere in the Philippines. So if you guys know someone in the Philippines interested to buy products 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻. Please share it to them and refer me! 🤗

For more information and inquiries, feel free to contact me.

Email me at enna.valeriano@icloud.com or whatspp me at +16714867837

Almost there!

4 more days and its already September. That’s one of the memorable month in my life because I gave birth to my beautiful bouncing baby girl, my 2nd child Georgina Rose. I remember my water broke at 11pm but she came out 6am the next morning! And she was almost 9lbs. A super chubby baby and a painful one because its a normal delivery. I was in labor for the whole one week before she came out. She really enjoyed being inside.

Anyway, i just wanna share it. So 4 more days and Im almost there! I’ll show you guys my points and I have a really good feeling that I can reach it coz I also believe in myself.

Almost there! Click here to help me reach my goal!

If I reach my goal for this month which is to have 1000 pts on sbsv and gsv, I will qualify to be a probationary Brand Representative of the company plus I will get the amazing Galvanic Spa. Yay! Im so excited!

I have another account. Please like and follow my blog post on the other account! Glamified by Enna V

Follow and like pls

Hi everyone.

Please like and follow my other site. I just start my health and beauty product business distributed by Nu Skin. A world class and effective product. Soon I will post personal reviews and customer reviews on my other website!

Please support my small business!

Glamified by Enna V

Thank you and God bless!

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